Our products are awarded for their quality, taste and total presentation on the most important competitions in Greece and abroad. They are exported in Europe, Asia, USA and Middle East. They are all packed in certified bottles and boxes, appropriate to keep their characteristics safe and stable until their final destination, the consumer.

PanProd respects the environment and is using only recyclable materials for the creation of all the products. PanProd is also packing the best varieties of new crop potatoes and watermelons from the area of Messinia and southwestern Peloponnese, and distributes them across Greece and Europe.


PanProd family company was established in 1970 at Kalamata, a beautiful Mediterranean city in Southern Greece.

Olive Oil

elm 3
elaiolado 1
Phaethon Olive Oil
Koroneiki variety
0,3% acidity
fruity aromas
elaiolado kallisto
Kallisto Olive Oil
Koroneiki variety
0,3% acidity
fruity aromas
elm 2

Balsamic Vinegar

Kallisto Balsamic Vinegar
Balsamic Vinegar with Honey
White Wine Vinegar


elm 3
Kalamata Olives
prasines elies2
Pitted Olives
Olive Paste